African Fashion and Culture at V&A's Friday Late

African Fashion and Culture at V&A's Friday Late

Immerse Yourselves into African Art and Fashion This Friday Evening

Discover Workshops, Artist Talks, Exhibitions and More.

In honour of the rich tapestry of Black History Month, the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) is poised to host an exceptional event that elegantly interweaves the realms of African fashion, art, and contemporary trends. Aptly named "Radical Imaginaries" this Friday Late extravaganza is an evocative celebration of African culture and innovation that promises an exceptional experience for all who attend.

The Confluence of Art and Fashion

The forthcoming Friday Late event at the V&A provides a vibrant platform to explore the fusion of African fashion and art, paying homage to the intricate artistry inherent in African garments, textiles, and accessories. The event features prominent artists, architects, and creative luminaries who have played instrumental roles in the 2023 Venice Architecture Biennale.

The program offers a captivating blend of captivating performances, enlightening talks, immersive installations, and hands-on workshops, all meticulously designed to push the boundaries of architectural design and human imagination. Given that the event centres around Africa and the African Diaspora, it offers a fresh perspective on African culture, art, and its profound impact on contemporary society.

An Ideal Tribute to Black History Month

Black History Month serves as a poignant reminder of the rich heritage, culture, and monumental achievements of the Black community. The V&A's event is flawlessly aligned with the spirit of Black History Month, as it pays a well-deserved tribute to the multifaceted contributions of African and diasporic artists. Attendees can anticipate a wide array of dazzling performances, enlightening discussions, and thought-provoking presentations and inventive workshops that ardently celebrate African creativity.

The event underscores the significance of recognising and appreciating African culture, and its pivotal role in shaping the global landscape of fashion and art. By shedding light on this vibrant culture, the event aims to spark inspiration, foster diverse perspectives, and promote unity through the universal language of creativity.

Dovetailed: Championing African Fashion

Dovetailed, as a venerated African fashion brand, has consistently occupied the vanguard in introducing African aesthetics to the world stage. Dovetailed's exclusive collections are living testaments to a commitment to preserving and celebrating the rich tapestry of African fashion, seamlessly weaving tradition with contemporary design.

Each pair of Dovetailed's creations is an artistic canvas, meticulously adorned with intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and authentic materials. These distinctive designs in forms of African dress or skirt narrate a tale of heritage and innovation, and these creations aren't merely fashion items but a powerful narrative of resilience, creativity, and cultural pride. Dovetailed has collaborated with V&A in the past which is an emblem of the brand's unwavering commitment to sharing the exquisite beauty of African fashion with a global audience.

African Art Unveiled

The V&A's Friday Late event unfurls an exhibition of African art that splendidly showcases the cultural and artistic richness of the continent. Attendees will be treated to an exceptional journey through African art exhibitions, offering deeper insights into the diverse expressions of African creativity and can witness talks and works from artists like 

The event spotlights the pivotal role of Africa's artistic contributions, emphasising the importance of recognising the global influence of African art. The event effectively serves as a platform to acknowledge the impact of African art on contemporary fashion, architectural designs, and the world of art. From traditional sculptures to avant-garde installations, the event celebrates Africa's expansive and profound artistic traditions.

Discover the African Creatives 

The event brings together an array of African artists, architects, and creative minds. Delve into their work and explore the boundless creativity and innovation stemming from the African continent. Some of them are:

1. Lesley Lokko - The Ghanaian-Scottish curator of this year's biennale.
2. Akua Danso - Co-director of "Black Females in Architecture."
3. Neba Sere - Co-director of "Black Females in Architecture."
4. Selasi Setufe - Co-director of "Black Females in Architecture."
5. Nana Biamah-Ofosu
6. Bushra Mohamed
7. Issi Nanabeyin
8. Adeola Yemitan
9. Harkaran Singh
10. Ji Kaur
11. Atter Kalsi
12. Linton Kwesi Johnson
13. Dele Adeyemo
14. Arinjoy Sen
15. Errol and Alex Rita - Touching Bass DJs

Join the Grand Celebration

The V&A's Friday Late event beckons attendees to immerse themselves in a universe of creativity, culture, and African elegance. More than just an event, this is a grand celebration of African culture, a tribute to the vivid artistry that defines African fashion, and a respectful acknowledgement of the myriad of African artists who have indelibly influenced our world.

By exploring the rich artistry encapsulated in African fashion and textiles, attendees will uncover the multifaceted beauty of African creativity. This event is a must-attend for those passionate about fashion, culture, and the compelling legacy of Black History Month.

How to Attend?

To attend V&A's Friday Late event, simply arrive at the museum on Cromwell Road between 18:30 and 22:00 on Friday, October 27, 2023. It's a free event with access on a first-come, first-served basis unless otherwise specified for certain activities. In case the venue reaches capacity, they will operate a one-in, one-out policy. So, come early and be prepared to immerse yourself in a night of African culture and creativity.

Your Friday Late experience can be a gateway to even more inspiration and creativity. Read more about the programme here.

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