Dovetailed on Sewing Street

Dovetailed on Sewing Street

Exploring African Dress Sewing and More with Dovetailed on Sewing Street

Are you passionate about African dress sewing, seeking African dress patterns, and eager for some sewing inspiration? Look no further! We have exciting news for all sewing enthusiasts. Adaku Parker, the creative mind behind Dovetailed, made another special appearance on Sewing Street.

    Whether you're an experienced sewer or a novice looking for sewing tutorials, this is an episode you won't want to miss. Adaku Parker has brought her expertise in African dress patterns and sewing again to your screens.

    Catch up and rewatch

    Sewing Street episodes are set on record, so you can catch up and rewatch your favourite demonstrations. Whether you're joining us in real-time or viewing the episode later, the sewing inspiration will be available at your convenience.

    African Dress Patterns: A Creative Journey with Dovetailed

    Adaku's passion for African clothing patterns shines through in her work. Her second book, "Sewing for Children with African Print Fabric," takes you on a colourful journey through 25 stylish and vibrant garments, accessories, and homewares for babies to 5-year-olds. Her book is a treasure trove of African attire patterns and gown patterns.

    Dovetailed's collection reflects the bold and vibrant essence of African fashion, and it's now coming to life on Sewing Street. Tune in to discover how to incorporate these patterns into your sewing projects and elevate your wardrobe with a touch of African culture.

    Sewing for Children with African Print Fabric: An Exclusive Showcase

    If you're eager to explore African dress sewing through a practical lens, Adaku's appearance on Sewing Street is your chance. The showcase will highlight projects from her latest book, "Sewing for Children with African Print Fabric."

    Explore the seamless fusion of African textiles and children's fashion. Adaku's expert guidance will take you through creating unique handmade children's garments and homewares. From baby bibs and romper suits to messenger bags and drawstring skirts, you'll find a world of creative possibilities.

    African Attire Patterns: Express Your Unique Style

    Adaku Parker believes in the power of sewing to express individuality. The Sewing Street episode will demonstrate the versatility of African clothing patterns. Whether you're working on gowns or everyday attire, African-inspired designs can infuse culture and vibrancy into your wardrobe.

    This showcase isn't just about teaching sewing techniques. It's a celebration of the rich heritage, striking patterns, and bold colours found in African textiles. Adaku's expertise and second book will guide you through sewing pleats, topstitching, and adding pockets and zips – essential skills for any sewing project.

    African Dress Sewing on Sewing Street: A Must-Watch Event

    This Sewing Street episode is your chance to embark on a creative journey. Explore African dress sewing, gown patterns, African clothing patterns, and much more with Dovetailed and Adaku Parker. The fusion of African textiles and modern fashion awaits, offering endless inspiration for sewing enthusiasts.

    This event is not only an educational experience but also an opportunity to celebrate African culture through sewing. The versatility of African attire patterns can help you create one-of-a-kind clothing that tells a story.

    Opportunity to Get a Copy of Adaku's Second Book is Finally Here

    Don't miss the chance to get Adaku Parker's second book "Sewing for Children with African Wax Print Fabric". Watch her presentation on it on Sewing Street's YouTube Channel here, and explore the wonderful world of African dress sewing and patterns.

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    How to Watch Sewing Street

    Not sure how to catch all the sewing magic on Sewing Street? Don't worry; we've got you covered.

    1. TV: If you're in the UK, you can tune in to Freeview channel 73 or Sky channel 670. The show airs daily at 8 a.m., so set your alarms and be ready for an exciting morning.
    1. Online: If you prefer to watch online, head over to Sewing Street's website and visit their "Watch Live" page. You can enjoy the show from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.
    1. YouTube: Sewing Street also streams on their YouTube Channel, so you can catch all the action there. Plus, the show is set to record, so you can rewatch your favourite moments whenever you like.

    For more details on how to tune in and watch Sewing Street, visit their website here.

    Order Adaku's second book here.

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