Welcome to the Press Page of Dovetailed London, where the spirit of African fashion unfolds in every stitch. Below, you will find a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about our brand, from previous press coverage to high-resolution images.

Press Kit

About Dovetailed
Dovetailed is not just a fashion brand. We are on a mission to help women add colour and print to their wardrobes. Our designs seamlessly blend traditional African aesthetics with modern styles, creating unique and timeless pieces that resonate with the global fashion community.

Founder's Vision
Adaku Parker, the creative mind behind Dovetailed, envisioned a brand that goes beyond clothing – a brand that tells a story, preserves heritage, in order to move away from a life lived in grey and black to one that is lived in full colour. Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is woven into the fabric of everything we do.

Previous Press Coverage
Dovetailed has been featured in renowned fashion publications and platforms globally. Explore the journey of our brand through the following highlights:

- Liberty's Meet the Makers
- Yodomo Interview
- Wharf Life: How Dovetailed London makes vibrant clothes at Craft Central
- AFG x Africa Fashion Week London
- F:entrepreneur iALSO100

Fact Sheet

Link to fact sheet here.


Image Gallery with selected high-resolution images

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Dovetailed through our carefully curated image gallery. From runway showcases to behind-the-scenes glimpses, these images capture the essence of our brand.

Awards and Recognitions

Dovetailed proudly accepts awards that recognise our commitment to excellence in African fashion. Explore our achievements, including:

- The 17th Annual PRECIOUS Awards Finalist
- Shortlisted for Best Sewing Book at the Creative Book Awards 2024
- Shortlisted for Maker & Creator Entrepreneur of the Year 2023
- Designers of the Year 2021 by CraftWorld Awards.
- Sewing Street Appearances

News Value

Dovetailed is at the forefront of a fashion revolution, challenging the fast fashion model that prioritises quantity over quality. In a world where consumers increasingly choose brands aligned with their values, Dovetailed stands as a testament that style and sustainability can go hand in hand. Shopping at Dovetailed isn't just a transaction; it's a statement against the exploitative practices of fast fashion, embracing a more ethical and sustainable approach to fashion.

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