Welcome to Dovetailed: An African print fabric fashion brand

This year, I celebrate my first full year in business. My name is Adaku Parker and I am the owner of Dovetailed, an African print fashion brand that designs and makes bags, clothes and accessories. We also sell a large amount of fabric as well as fabric covered journals and diaries. I am passionate about all things African print and the dream is that my passion will in future be able to fund my life. In the meantime, my day job is as a barrister. I have been a barrister for over 15 years and I still practice part-time. As a mother two, I juggle the business, legal work and family. I am so excited about starting this blog which, along with my YouTube channel (click here to subscribe), I will be using to document my business journey and my life as a handmade small business owner. I'm really excited about this first year in business and can't wait to share my experiences in business with all of you. I'll be uploading posts every Friday!

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