So I learnt to sew

It was when on maternity leave for the second time that I decided to start a number of Adult Education evening and weekend classes. I studied clothes making, pattern cutting, decorative techniques, tailoring as well as how to make and adapt commercial patterns. I started the classes in September 2016 and by December of that year, I had made a skirt and a bag. Friends and family really liked what I had made and by March 2017, I had sold my first bag. This was when I thought that sewing might be something that I could make a living from and .... sew (sorry!) .... it began. I have sewn nearly every day since I started. Each and every day, if I am not sewing, then I am reading about sewing, watching a sewing video, thinking about new designs, buying fabric .... literally my life is consumed with all things sewing and sewing related. Amazing to think that before September 2016 I had never used a sewing machine before!

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