Top 4 Tips for Pattern Matching with African Wax Print Fabrics!

Top 4 Tips for Pattern Matching with African Wax Print Fabrics!

Pattern matching by eye takes time and experience: when done by eye, requires time and expertise. It involves experimenting with the paper pattern pieces and the fabric while envisioning the final look of the garment. Take your time during this process, as pattern placement often takes longer than the actual sewing. Below are some tips to make that pattern-matching process a little easier:


Usually, you are advised to follow the straight grain when cutting out your pattern pieces in your fabric however, when working with African wax print fabrics, the approach to pattern matching may differ from conventional methods. Instead of strictly following the straight grain, it is advisable to align the pattern design for optimal results. Depending on the direction, this may mean cutting along either the straight grain or the cross grain.



Play around with the paper pattern pieces and your fabric, while at the same time trying to picture how the finished garment will look. Take your time - pattern placement often takes longer than the actual sewing but once cut, and the pattern placement is correct, the sewing can be straightforward. 


When cutting the design it is good to copy the patterns on pattern paper to be able to get the main elements of the fabric, whilst doing this, if you need to mirror a design remember to flip the pattern piece


When cutting doubles, you should align the fabric selvages and match the pattern along the edges by folding it in half, and pin the edges so that it doesn’t move!


Mastering pattern matching techniques in sewing opens up a world of possibilities for creating stunning and cohesive garments. By taking the time to understand and apply these methods, you can elevate their sewing projects to a whole new level of professionalism and aesthetic appeal!

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