Where to buy African wax print fabric in-store in London?

Options are abundant for one who wants to buy African wax print fabric. We are frequently asked what we think of other businesses as an African print clothing company. We have compiled the following list since we strongly believe in responding to inquiries. Here we will unveil the top ten African wax prints you can buy in London with lots of in-store options. From the iconic African markets to the hidden boutiques tucked away in vibrant neighbourhoods, we hope to make sure there is something for everyone!

When it comes to buying African wax print, you want to ensure that it is authentic. The best way to identify its authenticity is by touching and feeling the fabric, African wax prints have a distinct feel, often due to the wax-resist dyeing process and high-quality cotton fabric used in their creation. Don’t be shy, use that hands-on approach! Considering factors like weight and texture allows you to make a more informed choice to best the best quality fabric for your personal preference. 

1.  Middlesex Textiles

Located in East London, Middlesex Textiles specialise in Swiss Voile and Voile Lace, Organza amongst a vast range of lace embroideries etc for the West African market. Alongside their flagship store in London, they have an online store which is easy to navigate when shopping for high-quality African fabrics!

2.  African Queen Fabrics 

Located in Brixton market, "African Queen Fabrics Ltd. does not simply sell fabrics, but a lifestyle." They mostly sell Vlisco Wax Hollandais, Swiss Voiles, Laces, Kente, Brocades and various other West African fabrics. Pop into the bustling uncover all the diverse stalls they have to offer or have a look at their online store.

3.  Kintasha

Situated in the famous Ridley Road market in Dalston, Kintashsa has a multitude of unique fabrics to uncover alongside some clothing and accessories.

4.  Hilton Textiles

Located in E1, Hilton Textiles has been a family-run business since 1969, specialising in West African Fashion: not only are they in store but they have an online store.

5.  Rose African Fabrics

Rose African Fabrics is a wholesaler and retailer of exclusive and quality African fabrics in South East London. Have a look at their wide range of services and fabrics online or in-store!

6.  Empire Textiles

Empire Textiles in East London have a wide range of African wax print fabrics and even stocks traditional West African head-ties and geles and even matching handbag and shoe sets. There are in-store and online options for you

7.  African Fabrics Wholesale 

Located in South East London, this wholesale has a wide array of fabrics to choose from, however, they are only in store so make sure you get a hands-on approach with the fabrics.

8.  Majestic London African Textiles 

Located in Majestic London “deliver quality waxes, laces, voiles, brocades and accessories”: both online and in-store.

9.  The African Fabric Shop

Granted that this African wax print is not exactly in London, however they offer open days and book by appointments in the huge store, Maggie and Bob offer a large variety of African wax prints after founding their store “by accident”. 


AFRICAN FABRICS are an African fabrics shop based in the busy, vibrant Stratford shopping centre, you can find more information if you head over to their Instagram!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that moving forward, you can find our complete range of fabrics and pattern books exclusively on our Etsy store. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition period. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. 

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