Welcome to our Wholesale Enquiry Page!

Are you a retailer or boutique owner looking to add a touch of African beauty to your collection? Look no further! We're thrilled to offer our stunning African print clothing in wholesale quantities.

Why choose our wholesale offering ?

Quality and Authenticity: Each piece is meticulously crafted using the finest African prints, handpicked to showcase the vibrant heritage and culture behind our designs.

Trendsetting Designs: Our talented team of designers continuously create unique and fashion-forward styles, ensuring your customers will be ahead of the curve.

Variety of Choices: From dresses to skirts, tops to accessories, our wholesale catalogue offers a wide range of African print clothing to suit different tastes and preferences.

Personalized Service: We are committed to building lasting relationships with our wholesale partners. From prompt communication to quick order processing, we prioritize providing a seamless experience for you.

Please contact us at info@dovetailed.co.uk for your wholesale enquiries. Our dedicated team will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss.