Where can I buy African print clothing?

Where can I buy African print clothing?

There are lots of online and in-store options for those looking to add some colour and print to their wardrobes.  Here, you will find a single resource  that lists 10 of the most prominent African print clothing brands around in alphabetical order. As an African print clothing brand, we are often asked our opinion of other brands.  Because we believe strongly in answering the questions we are asked, we have put together the following list. In this blog post, you can read all about ten African print fashion brands to consider when shopping for African print clothing.

As you compare these brands, remember that price is only one factor to consider and that cheaper does not necessarily mean that you are getting good value for money. Remember to look at any size chart, check your measurements against the finished garment measurements and allow for ease to ensure a comfortable fit. Oh, and don't forget to check the height of the model and compare to your own height. 

1. African Clothing Store

African Clothing Store was founded in the UK by Joyce Tetteh.  Originally from Accra in Ghana, Joyce Tetteh was inspired whilst on a trip to her homeland after visiting a shop selling African print clothing.  Joyce’s vision was to create a shop selling African clothing with lots of variety to a wider audience, making these products available throughout Europe.  In 2010, African Clothing Store (JT Aphrique Ltd.) was born, in the UK, with a simple aim to showcase the heritage, beauty, and diversity of African designs, through African-inspired clothing.

2. Cultureville

Where African culture meets contemporary fashion.  Discover stunning statement looks and gorgeous hand-crafted accessories, ethically sourced from West Africa.  "Our goal is to showcase the beauty and talent of Africa through bold and beautiful African inspired clothing and accessories."


CUMO London is an African Fashion and Lifestyle brand curating high quality Contemporary Ready to Wear African Clothing and Accessories using African Ankara/Wax Print. We are UK based and offer handmade quality products to our customers who wish to explore and experience the Afro-culture. We want to ensure that our customers are able to express themselves in ethnic fashion and imbibe it as a lifestyle.


"As a 100% black owned business, we proudly support the culture that inspires us, expanding our manufacturing in Africa and continuing to build stronger ties to the community.  D’IYANU is a celebration of African culture, but not just for those with African heritage. It’s a way to be bold, be proud and express yourself, whoever you are."

5. Grassfields

African fashion brand built by two sisters from Cameroon and started in 2016. The company was sold in 2022. A wide range of clothes available made in Africa and the UK.

6. Heritage Clothings

"We are here to uplift our heritage, make a statement and be fabulous. Ankara attires are beautiful, colourful and vibrant which will make you stand out at any occasion. We are introducing Africa's cultural heritage through clothing and accessories to the world and reintroducing engagement with African print back to the world. Essentially combining traditional African fabrics with western styles and looks to integrate cultures."

7. Kemi Telford

"We work closely with manufacturers based in the UK, India, Nigeria, and China. Over the years, we have built great relationships with them and their staff. They are all small, independent companies that value the welfare of their employees. We are not 'fast fashion'. Our clothes are of high quality and expected to last a long time. Many of our customers have told us that they have sold their pre-loved Kemi Telford items, which demonstrates their long-lasting value. With care, Kemi Telford clothes should last for years, or even generations - just like our mother's clothes did."

8. Laviye

LAVIYE was established in 2012 to inspire millennials in the diaspora to renew a sense of pride in their African culture.  "Our mission is to create a lifestyle brand that showcases the beauty of African fashion by merging vibrant African fabrics with ‘Western’ silhouettes to create the ‘African-meets-Western’ look. It is our goal to create a brand that encompasses all aspects of our daily lives – from casual clothing, to nightwear, gym wear to formal wear."

9. Ray Darten

"Ray Darten specializes in creating African inspired fashion & handmade clothing and accessories.  Our mission is to build a creative brand that also has a purpose for good. We use our styles to tell stories of Nigerian culture and heritage.  We source all fabrics and all the clothing is handmade within Africa. We employ & empower 100+ women and leading them into a better quality of life." 

10. Zuri

"We firmly believe that sustainable economies develop from businesses that operate fairly and ethically and create products that people want. Having spent a combined decade in Nairobi, we've seen how much both corruption and aid can distort markets, resulting in wasted resources and unsustainable livelihoods. We hope that by paying fair wages, sourcing locally, and making a product that our customers truly love, we will be helping to support a long-term, sustainable economy in Kenya."

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