The Ethical Fashion Revolution: Dovetailed's Commitment to Sustainability

The Ethical Fashion Revolution: Dovetailed's Commitment to Sustainability

The world of fashion is evolving, and a new era is dawning. It's an era where style meets sustainability, where fashion isn't just about looking good but feeling good about what you wear. Adaku Parker, the creative force behind Dovetailed, understands this shift and is at the forefront of the ethical fashion revolution.

This is the first of two blogs, based on a Liberty interview, where Adaku shares her thoughts and experience with Maddi John as part of Liberty's "Meet the Makers" series. This candid conversation shed light on her inspiring journey and her commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion.

Adaku Parker: A Barrister Turned Fashion Revolutionary

Adaku Parker's journey into the fashion industry wasn't a conventional one. Her career began in the legal world as a barrister, a path that didn't initially seem to have any connection to the vibrant, colourful world of African fashion and textiles. But life has a way of surprising us, and Adaku's life took an unexpected turn.

In 2016, Adaku's interest in sewing was sparked by an unlikely source—a television show, "The Great British Sewing Bee." While on maternity leave with her second child, she decided to explore her newfound interest further. She enrolled in evening classes to learn the art of clothes making, tailoring, African fashion, and pattern cutting. What started as a creative outlet soon transformed into a remarkable journey.

The Birth of Dovetailed

Adaku's early projects were accessories she crafted for herself, friends, and family. However, her passion for sewing was insatiable, and she continued to learn, grow, and refine her skills. Several ten-week sewing workshops later, Dovetailed London was born.

At its core, Dovetailed is an African fashion and sewing brand with a mission to inspire women to embrace vibrant prints and colours in their wardrobes. Adaku believes that fashion should be an expression of individuality and style but not at the cost of the planet or the people involved in the production process.

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Ethical and Sustainable Fashion: Dovetailed's Commitment

Dovetailed isn't just about fashion; it's about ethical and sustainable fashion. Adaku and her team are passionate about making a positive impact on the industry. They've adopted an ethical and sustainable model for garment manufacturing, setting new standards for transparency and fairness.

One of the cornerstones of this approach is knowing exactly who makes the clothes and ensuring that they are compensated fairly for their labor. This commitment extends to every aspect of the production process, from sourcing materials to the final product. The result is clothing that you can wear with pride, knowing that it doesn't come at the expense of others or the environment.

A Fashion Revolution

Dovetailed is part of a larger movement in the fashion industry. The fast fashion model that often prioritises quantity over quality is being challenged by brands like Dovetailed. These brands are proving that you can create stunning, high-quality fashion while also maintaining ethical and sustainable practices.

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of their fashion choices, seeking brands that align with their values. Dovetailed is not just a brand; it's a beacon of hope in the world of fashion, a testament that style and sustainability can go hand in hand.

When you shop at Dovetailed, you're not just purchasing clothing; you're making a statement. You're saying no to the exploitative practices of the fast fashion industry and embracing a more ethical and sustainable approach to fashion.

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The Dovetailed Experience at Liberty

If you're eager to experience Dovetailed's unique blend of African fashion and British design, you're in for a treat. Dovetailed's vibrant prints and high-quality fabrics are available to shop in-store on Liberty's third floor. This collaboration with a renowned institution like Liberty is a testament to the brand's growing influence and its commitment to making ethical and sustainable fashion accessible to all.

Dovetailed is rewriting the rules of fashion. It's commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion is reshaping the industry, one vibrant print at a time. It's a reminder that fashion isn't just about looking good; it's about feeling good about what you wear and the impact it has on the world.

Read the full Liberty Interview here.

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