Sewing the McCalls M8281 dress in African Wax Print by Dovetailed London

Sewing the McCalls M8281 dress in African Wax Print by Dovetailed London

In this guest blog post, Cynthia has sewed using this colourful African print fabric from Dovetailed London. Cynthia (aka @cynthiakrafts) was gifted this fabric in exchange for a blog post as part of the Dovetailed London Ambassador ProgramWant to read on, get a cup of your favourite drink and enjoy!

It’s good to be working on another African print project for Dovetailed London. Like me I’m sure you love pretty fabric but the challenge is always deciding what to make. And if you can’t decide on what to make, the fabric just sit looking pretty in your stash instead. It’s always easier if you have a project in mind and then pick the fabric. But like everyone else we are always enticed by the pretty fabric instead. 

As part of the brand ambassador program, we get to favourite fabrics from a selection of a few and then receive one. The fabric choices are always pretty and I never know what I will make until the fabric has arrived. With my first project it was much easier I knew exactly what I wanted to make with the fabric as it was dark coloured which is usually my go to colours. The fabric I received this time I found a bit of a challenge as it’s out of my comfort zone even though similar light weight as previous one. The print is bright and I would not necessarily pick the colours gold and red for my wardrobe. To be honest I became a brand ambassador so I could get myself out of my comfort zone, there is always fun and excitement in that. 

I had 5 patterns out and eventually settled on McCalls M8281 pattern. I chose this pattern because it’s a simple everyday dress with no zip or buttons and of course it has pockets. I always chose patterns that I know will get a lot of wear and not just for special occasions. 

I really like how the dress turned out, was pleased I went for the pattern for the fabric I received. I might not have imagined myself wearing the colours or print but this dress will definitely be a staple in my wardrobe. The fabric gave a lovely structure to the dress. I did consider pattern matching and then talked myself out of it. It did save time and effort. The print on the fabric is quite clustered therefore there is not too obvious mismatching. Because the fabric was study to work with, the v neck which would otherwise been tricky to get right was a breeze. In the end it was about going for it and be pleasantly surprised with the result.

I guess pretty fabric always look good once you’ve found the right pattern and you have the final outfit!

Happy sewing!!!!

Cynthia x

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