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Don't Miss Our Biggest Launch Yet! Find Out When to Shop the New Collection!

Ladies of London, I've got some exciting news for you! At Dovetailed HQ, we've been buzzing with excitement, and for good reason. Our new collection is about to make its grand debut on Wednesday, 10th July at 6 pm. We are also thrilled to announce that the inspiring Angie Greaves, known from 'The Smooth Drive Home' on Smooth Radio, has been spotted wearing our stunning Beatrice dress! Trust me, you won't want to miss this exclusive launch!

Now, let's dive into the article.

What’s New in the Collection?

Chic Tops and Elegant Skirts

Our latest collection boasts an array of stunning pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Imagine slipping into one of our chic African print tops, which pair beautifully with both casual jeans and sophisticated skirts. These tops are not just clothes; they’re statements of style and culture, blending traditional African prints with contemporary design.

Beautiful Dresses

And let’s talk about our African print dresses. They’re not just dresses; they’re works of art. Each piece is meticulously crafted to celebrate the vibrant and intricate patterns of African textiles. Whether you’re heading to a summer garden party or a night out in the city, these dresses will make you feel like the queen you are.

Fresh Take on Sweatshirts

We’ve also given a fresh twist to our beloved sweatshirts. Our new designs feature bold prints and comfy fabrics, making them perfect for those cool London evenings. These aren’t your average sweatshirts; they’re stylish, cozy, and uniquely Dovetailed.

Why You Should Mark Your Calendar

Limited Quantities

Now, here's why you need to mark your calendar. This isn’t just any collection. We’ve crafted these pieces in limited quantities, making each one truly unique. Imagine owning a dress that only a handful of people in the world have. That’s what we’re offering – exclusivity and style.

Unique Styles

Each piece in our new collection is designed to stand out. We’ve taken the time to blend modern fashion trends with traditional African prints, creating pieces that are not just beautiful but also meaningful. Whether it’s the bold patterns on our tops or the intricate designs on our skirts, each item tells a story.

Behind the Scenes

Sample Arrival and Photoshoot

The journey to this collection has been nothing short of exhilarating. Samples arrived on Monday, just in time for our photo shoot on Thursday. We were all on tenterhooks, waiting to see how the pieces would turn out. And let me tell you, they exceeded all our expectations.

I remember the day the samples arrived. It felt like Christmas morning! We opened the boxes with bated breath, and the room was filled with gasps and cheers as each piece was unveiled. The photo shoot was a whirlwind of excitement, with models twirling in dresses and strutting in tops, all set against the picturesque backdrop of our East London studio.

Designer Insights

Artisans have poured their hearts into every detail. Here’s a little insight from Adaku, our owner and designer: "This collection is a labour of love. We wanted to create something that’s not just fashionable but also pays homage to our African roots. Every pattern, every stitch has been thoughtfully crafted to celebrate the beauty of African textiles."

Spotlight: A Celebrity Endorsement

Angie Davis wearing Dovetailed Beatrice Patchwork Dress

How Angie Greaves Fell in Love with Dovetailed

We were over the moon when Angie Greaves, the inspiring voice from 'The Smooth Drive Home' on Smooth Radio, was spotted wearing one of our pieces! Angie chose the stunning Beatrice dress from our collection for her holiday, and she looked absolutely radiant, effortlessly combining elegance with the vibrant energy of our African prints.

The Impact

Having Angie Greaves wear our collection has been incredibly inspiring. It’s a testament to the quality and beauty of our designs, and it motivates us to continue creating pieces that resonate with both our loyal customers and fashion icons alike.

Check out our Linkedin post for a wonderful video of Angie.

How to Shop the Collection

Shopping Locations

You can find our collection exclusively online and in-store at Dovetailed at Poplar Studios, where you can enjoy a 20% discount while shopping and have the chance to try on all the amazing pieces. These options were chosen not just for convenience but also to reflect the elegance and sophistication of our brand. Imagine browsing our collection from the comfort of your home or visiting Poplar Studios to experience our designs first hand.

Tips for a Successful Shopping Experience

To ensure you get your hands on your favourite pieces, here are a few tips:
- Arrive Early: With limited quantities, it’s best to get there as soon as the collection launches.
- Know Your Size: This will save you time and ensure a perfect fit.
- Have a Plan: Know which pieces you’re most interested in. Are you after a bold African print dress or a versatile top?

Size Availability and Custom Orders

Limited Units Per Size

With only one or two units per dress size available, these pieces are as exclusive as they come. This means you won’t see everyone wearing the same dress at your next event. It’s a chance to own something truly unique. 

Custom Orders

If your size sells out quickly, don’t fret. Send us an email, and we’ll do our best to create more pieces in your size. We understand the frustration of missing out on a piece you love, and we’re here to help. Just drop us a line, and we’ll do our utmost to accommodate your request.

Style Recommendations

Top Picks and How to Wear Them

From standout dresses to versatile tops, our collection is designed to make you look and feel fabulous. Here are a few style recommendations:
- African Print Tops: Pair these with high-waisted jeans for a casual look or a sleek pencil skirt for something more formal.
- African Print Dresses: These are perfect for a summer garden party or an evening out. Add some statement jewellery and a pair of heels, and you’re ready to go.

Seasonal Trends

 Our new collection aligns perfectly with current fashion trends. This season, it’s all about bold prints and vibrant colours. Our pieces not only keep you on-trend but also add a unique twist with their African-inspired designs.

Sustainability and Quality


Fabric and Material Choices


We’re proud to say that our collection is not just beautiful but also sustainable. We have a zero waste approach to garment production which upholds our commitment to ethical fashion. When you shop with us, you’re not only getting high-quality pieces but also supporting a greener planet.

Ethical Fashion

Our commitment to ethical fashion goes beyond our zero waste approach to garment production. It’s about ensuring fair wages and working conditions for everyone involved in the production process. When you wear a piece from our new collection, you’re wearing something that has been made with care and respect for both people and the environment.


Mark your calendars for Wednesday, 10th July at 6 pm. This is a collection launch you won’t want to miss. We’re excited to share these beautiful new pieces with you. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty. Happy shopping!

Remember, owning a piece from our new collection means more than just adding to your wardrobe. It’s about celebrating culture, supporting sustainability, and looking fabulous while doing it. See you at the launch!

Discover Dovetailed at Poplar Studios

Explore a unique fusion of traditional African prints and modern fashion at Dovetailed in Poplar Studios. Our collection features an array of styles besides the new collection, including customers' favourites like the Nneka dress, Camille dress, and Onyeka dress, each perfectly paired with classic trainers. Plus, when you shop in person, you get a 20% discount, making it the ideal time to find your next favourite outfit. Book a slot to shop in person today!

Our doors are open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.



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