Adaku showcasing the Camille African Print Puff Sleeve Dress Khaki in African wax print by Dovetailed London

HUGE Announcement: Our African print clothing range is here .....

For the past three years or so, I have received several requests from lovely customers to add a ready to wear clothing line to the Dovetailed brand. Initially, running the business on my own made it difficult to do this.  Since then, I now have a small team working with me, making it possible to meet the needs of these customers. 


In addition, a recent customer survey showed just how much demand there is with over 80% of those surveyed saying they would be interested in a ready to wear line. If you have been subscribed for a for a while, you'll know that we do things a little differently around here, and the launch of our African print clothing range is no exception. Not wanting to personally spend 12 hours a day at a sewing machine (as much as I love to sew) or to have the clothes made          abroad, I knew there had to be a middle ground that didn't cost the earth. After 12 months of searching, I found it.

What this means for you is that:

🌟We will continue to use the same good quality African print fabric that                     you know and love;
🌟 All our clothes are made here in the UK;
🌟We used skilled tailors;
🌟Your clothes will be beautiful both inside and out;
🌟We still know who made your clothes;
🌟Our runs are small as we aim to create clothes that you love with minimal to no waste.

Today, I'm thrilled to announce that the new range is now available.  The Camille Dress is available in 5 dress sizes and 5 different fabrics. These dresses are available for pre-order today with orders going out by the end of February / early March! 

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