Discover Your Perfect Fabric Match: The Symbolism of Dovetailed's Latest Collection

Discover Your Perfect Fabric Match: The Symbolism of Dovetailed's Latest Collection

At Dovetailed London, we believe that the fabric you choose is an expression of your unique personality and style. Our latest collection introduces a range of exquisite African Wax Print Ankara Fabrics, each with its own personality and symbolism. Are you curious about which fabric resonates with your personality and astrological sign? Let's explore the delightful personalities of our fabrics and see if any of them align with you. Which fabric is you?

1. 'Pink Petal Plum Dreams' - For the Dreamers. Shop here.

a close up of flowers and a pink pattern

This fabric embodies the dreamer's spirit. With its gentle pink and plum tones, it's perfect for the imaginative and creative souls. If you're a Pisces or someone who loves to lose themselves in daydreams, 'Pink Petal Plum Dreams' is calling your name.

2. 'Minty Green Delight' - For the Optimists.  Shop here.

a green leafy plant with a green and grey pattern

Minty green is the colour of hope and optimism. If you're a Sagittarius or someone who always sees the glass as half full, 'Minty Green Delight' symbolises your positive outlook on life.

3. 'Honeyed Red Floral Bliss' - For the Romantics.  Shop here.

a close up of flowers and a red fabric

With its warm red hues and delicate floral patterns, this fabric is perfect for the romantics. Whether you're a Cancer, a lover of love stories, or someone who finds beauty in every petal, 'Honeyed Red Floral Bliss' is your romantic muse.

4. 'Golden Plum Medley' - For the Bold and Confident.  Shop here.

a yellow and blue flower

If you're a Leo or someone who exudes confidence, 'Golden Plum Medley' is your fabric. Its bold colours and intricate patterns are perfect for those who embrace life with courage and strength.

5. 'Citrus Plum Medley' - For the Creative Souls.  Shop here.

a hand holding a magnifying glass next to a orange blue fabric

This fabric is a canvas for creativity. If you're an Aquarius or someone who loves exploring new artistic endeavours, 'Citrus Plum Medley' symbolises your artistic spirit.

6. 'Cerulean Petals on Gold' - For the Visionaries.  Shop here.

a yellow and blue fabric next to a blue sky and clouds in the background

With its soothing cerulean and gold accents, this fabric is for visionaries. If you're an Aries or someone who dares to dream big and turn visions into reality, 'Cerulean Petals on Gold' is your source of inspiration.

7. 'Berry Blissful Fabric' - For the Adventurers.  Shop here.

a purple and pink sky with clouds and purple fabric

If you're a Gemini or someone who craves adventure and new experiences, 'Berry Blissful Fabric' captures your sense of wanderlust and curiosity.

8. 'Azure Dreamland Fabric' - For the Calm and Serene.  Shop here.

a flower floating on water with a blue umbrella

This fabric embodies peace and tranquility. If you're a Libra or someone who seeks serenity in the midst of life's chaos, 'Azure Dreamland Fabric' is your sanctuary.

9. 'Red Velvet Plum Delight' - For the Lovers of Luxury.  Shop here.

A fabric of red velvet collaged with African print fabric.

With its rich red velvet tones, this fabric exudes luxury and opulence. If you're a Taurus or someone who appreciates the finer things in life, 'Red Velvet Plum Delight' is your touch of elegance.

10. 'Amethyst Petal Delight' - For the Visionaries.  Shop here.

a purple and white background with a purple and white background

Amethyst is the stone of spiritual wisdom. If you're a Capricorn or someone with a deep sense of wisdom and spirituality, 'Amethyst Petal Delight' is your fabric of choice.

11. 'Azure & Gilded Blooms' - For the Sentimental Souls. (Our most popular one!) Shop here

a fabric next to the sea water

If you're a Scorpio or someone who holds cherished memories close to your heart, 'Azure & Gilded Blooms' celebrates your sentimental spirit.

Each fabric in our collection is a work of art that mirrors the diverse personalities and tastes of our customers. We invite you to explore our collection and 

Shop our collection of African Wax Print Ankara Fabrics today and find the fabric that represents your unique personality and style. Each fabric is priced from £4.00, so you can indulge in multiple pieces that speak to your soul.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that moving forward, you can find our complete range of fabrics and pattern books exclusively on our Etsy store. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this transition period. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our dedicated customer support team. 

Shop our fabrics on Etsy here.

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