My workshop: Where the 'magic' happens.

As a creative person, it is so important that I have a space to work and to be ... well .... creative.  All my handmade creations are made by me. I live in London and I converted a spare room in the house a few years ago for use as a study to work on legal cases and now, with a few adjustments, it doubles up as a studio (and a creche .... but that's another story!)  I have one sewing machine, one overlocker and a whole gamut of sewing and haberdashery related items.  It's not quite the haven I would like it to be, but it's a space where I can work and make 'magic' which is really all I need. One day, I will sort out all the clutter and my workshop will be good enough to grace the pages of home decor magazines(!) When that day comes I'll happily show my work space off. However, for now, a picture I took of some of my fabric scissors a while back will suffice.  

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