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Why super seconds sewing patterns?
I took evening classes in pattern cutting, tailoring, clothes making and African fashion (to name a few) in 2016 / 2017 and started the business in 2017.  After several customers asked what they could make with these fabrics, I decided to create a range of sewing patterns specifically for use with African wax print fabrics.
There are currently five sewing patterns available to buy from Dovetailed (a skirt, a top, a dress, wide-leg trousers and a coat), two brand new ones (dress and shirt - both of which are magazine commissions) and lots more patterns that will be available in a brand new sewing book that was published on 23rd February. The book is available to buy on Amazon https://amzn.to/3puP8dO as well as from the Dovetailed website at https://dovetailed.co.uk/collections/sewing-books. All patterns range from UK sizes 8 - 26 (apart from the 'Seconds' Althea Skirt pattern which is from size 8 - 18). 

The sewing patterns that are available to buy in this Super Seconds collection were a  part of the online shopping event Super Seconds Saturday 2020.  You can see pictures of the first versions of these patterns as well as the new versions. In the new versions, I used models. I also redesigned the pattern envelope, and the instruction booklet. Further, I added some extra information to the pattern sheets but essentially the pattern sheets are largely unchanged.

When the new designs were launched, I discontinued the earlier designs and always felt a little disappointed that they would end up sitting in boxes. I had sold lots of the first designs at full price and customers were able to make the garment in question so I knew they still had use. The original patterns were discontinued in July 2020, and I had planned to sell them at a discounted price at fabric shows (alas, the pandemic had other ideas).  Fast forward to today, I only have a handful of Priscilla 'seconds' left and some Althea 'seconds'. 
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