Remnant Half yard cuts Various Colours African Print Wax Block Fabric 100% cotton Bag Making Cushions Ankara Patterned by Dovetailed £2.50 - £5.00 per Half Yard

Remnant Half yard cuts Various Colours African Print Wax Block Fabric 100% cotton Bag Making Cushions Ankara Patterned by Dovetailed £2.50 - £5.00 per Half Yard

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*REMNANTS* Each bundle contains 7 half yard pieces each sold at a reduced price.  Each remnant measures approx. 36" / 91 cm x 23" / 58 cm and has two (sticky) manufacturer's labels attached in the centre of the piece. One sticky label measures 4.5" (11 cm) x 5.5" (14 cm) and the other measures 5" (13 cm ) x 3" (7 cm). These labels are on the RIGHT SIDE of the fabric and can be removed (see below). There are also much smaller sticky brown labels on the selvedge. Alternatively you can use the WRONG SIDE of the fabric for your project as there is often little difference between the two sides.    


Bold, beautiful and colourful African Wax Print fabric

100% cotton.


SIZE : (Approx.) 18" / 45 CM LENGTH x 47" / 120 CM WIDTH.

These remnants are perfect for little projects such as small bags, cushions, patchwork, home decor and quilting.

Machine washable.

'African print’ is used to identify a category of textiles using 100% cotton fabric in vibrant colours, which are printed by machine using wax resins and dyes so that they have a batik-like effect on both sides of the fabric.

The method is called wax-resist dying because the wax ‘resists’ the dye from penetrating the entire cloth, which is how patterns are made. It also goes by the names of super wax, java, and Ankara, with ‘wax’ named fabrics having a somewhat glossy, stiff, waxy feeling surface even though they are roller printed. It has detailed ethnic patterns and colours and is often named after sayings, personalities or occasions.

NOTE: Your fabric may have the manufacturers sticker on the fabric. These stickers are easily removed using the following method. You will need an iron and ironing board : Make sure the part of the fabric with the stickers attached is FACE DOWN on (touching) the ironing board. DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ONTO THE STICKERS. Use another part of the fabric (or another piece of fabric or pressing cloth) so that it forms a layer between the piece of fabric which has the stickers attached and your iron: bottom to top: 1. ironing board, 2. part of fabric with stickers attached 3. another part of the fabric (or a pressing cloth or a different piece of fabric preferably a light coloured cotton), 4. your iron. Use your iron (medium heat setting) to press directly over the area where the stickers are. What will be happening is that the glue used to attach the stickers will slowly begin to melt/soften and, as it melts, it makes it very easy to remove the stickers. Make sure iron not too hot, press area for 20 seconds initially and try removing the stickers gently. If they don't come away easily, then try for 15 seconds, test stickers again, try 10 seconds etc., Once glue warmed sufficiently, stickers can be easily removed by peeling them away. If the sticker tears and/or any piece of the stickers do not come away cleanly, then they probably needed a little more heat from the iron.

Please see YouTube video here in which I demonstrate how to remove the labels:

Washing instructions

Machine wash max 40C or 105F
Hand wash.
Dry clean.
Do not bleach.
Cool iron.